Sergio Serapioni: Real Masses  and Dark Matter

This website contains Sergio Serapioni's paper dealing with the five dimensions space.
Main topics are:
  • Mass, dark matter and dark energy
  • The concept of time
  • Accelerations required for forming a curved space of five dimensions, rotating in itself
  • Polar vectors in five dimensions
  • Five dark masses and dark energy
  • Real dimension at 5D
  • Speed of light and other fundamental constants, that can only be deduced from a 5D space
  • Time and mass of the universe, theoretically derived from this model of 5D space
  • The concept of appearing mass

Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe model by Serapioni
an introductory article by professor Davide Maino of the University of Milano (January 2016)

Sergio Serapioni's “ Mechanics of Time”
a comment by prof. Giandomenico Sassi

book: Dark Matter and 5 Dimensional Space
In Italian and English, published in May 2019


Masse reali e Masse oscure: parte prima

Versione italiana dell'agosto 2016.
FILE NAME: Serapioni-Masse-Agosto2016.pdf      UPLOADED ON: 30 AUG 2016     MD5: ad2ef77ed58f473f3ea18221ed46ae82

vedi anche

Materia oscura ed enegia oscura nell'universo di Serapioni, di Davide Maino
(Emmeciquadro n° 62, settembre 2016)

La meccanica del tempo: un viaggio nell’universo di Serapioni, di Davide Maino
(Emmeciquadro n° 72, luglio 2019)

il libro più recente: La massa oscura e lo spazio a 5 dimensioni
In italiano e inglese, pubblicato in maggio 2019.

Un'analisi delle teorie di Sergio Serapioni ad opera di Marco Barenghi.

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